Radio Mi Amigo International
Classic Shortwave Radio at its best!

Shortwaveservice aus Kall
Shortwaveservice brings you On Air, see the summer scheduling A17!

Forum for all radio enthusiasts and much more around it

das Wellenkino
The home of old scopes and test equipment and other historic
devices with a lot of active people in the forum

Twente Web-SDR
Nice WebSDR site from the University of Twente/NL

DP07 Seefunk
Excellent shipping radio service by Captain Reiner Dietzel

Schweiky's kleine Heimseite
Plenty of pages with circuit diagrams, manuals & pics
of classic broadcast equipment

Museum NT - Museum fuer Nachrichtentechnik
Wonderful Online-Museum of Communication Engineering
by Bernd Johann, Cologne

Hans Knot
Hans Knot's kaleidoscope of Off Shore Radio

Seefunk & Seeschiffahrt
Regarding all the fantastic Marine Radio Equipment,
Heinrich Busch's website is simply the best

Amateur Radio Station N1UL/mm
Dr. Ulrich L. Rohde's website shows his state-of-the-art
amateur radio stations located in the US and Germany

Ausweichsitz NRW
The exciting story of the old government bunker of North
Rhine-Westphalia ("big brother" of the Classic Broadcast
location) maintained by Claus Roehling & his family

Gerd Niephaus & Wolfgang Thelen's collection of
German Tube Based Communication Receivers
offers a lot of pictures, facts and figures

Our sun today!

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